Epic Journey

Well., the time is almost here so I have decided to unveil my plans for the next three months. I will be traveling to Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia until June 17! My deep desire for adventure is unrelenting and deeply embedded in my soul, and I have been working endlessly since I moved back to Boulder all with this goal in mind. I'm not sure how much blogging will be taking place - I'm not one to Internet cafe hop when there is so much else to do and see by being present. However, I will absolutely be posting lots of photos and anecdotes when I return. A few exciting things I have planned.....

* Surfing in Nicaragua

* Climbing an active volcano

* Salsa dancing in Buenos Aires

* Working on an organic farm in Mendoza

* Climbing Machu Picchu

* Taking a river boat through the Amazon in Peru

* Playa Blanca in Colombia

* Lake Titicaca and salt marshes in Bolivia

* Finding a Buddhist Ashram

For now, I'm doing lots of yoga to prepare mentally and physically, trying to pare down my wardrobe (this has taken packing and unpacking my backpack 4 times so far, conclusion: it's still too heavy!), purchasing a bug suit for the Amazon, acquiring lots of literature by South American authors, including poetry by Pablo Neruda, and novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Jorge Luis Borges, as well as endless hours of Rosetta Stone Spanish since I don't think my French or Italian will come in terribly handy, and studying Lonely Planet's South America On a Shoestring. I also plan to study each country's history before going. I think it's really enriching to have context and a sense of the indigenous people's trials and tribulations in order to really appreciate the current environment a place finds itself in. And of course, I will be seeking out local flavors, dishes and traditions at every meal. I really hope to learn to cook from some Argentinian women while living on the farm outside Mendoza. For now, adios!