Edie does Yoga

Just found this picture. Yes, I know I should be studying. But I had to share it because it made me so excited. Edie Sedgwick in Warrior two pose. Two of my favorite things in one picture.


Absurdity and Life Lessons

Well, today my sneaking suspicion that my luck in life was running particularly low was affirmed by a most unfortunate incident involving my computer and a tall glass of orange juice. After suffering through a few rounds of hsyteria characterized by a bursting into tears, frantically calling everyone I know with any computer knowledge, blowdrying my computer while making sure to avert tears from contact with computer, chasing the bus, missing the bus, deciding to drop out of law school, deciding not to drop out of law school but resigning myself to a low expectation for my GPA, I finally gained some clarity when a wonderful friend by way of my lovely, incredible, amazing roommates frantic message to wonderful friend and others, got me to an apple store where my computer was proclaimed dead on arrival but my hard drive thankfully, was intact. I did not tell you all of this because I think you will find it riveting or because I even find it riveting, but I do find it cathartic and right now whatever makes me feel ok about life seems like the thing to do. A week before finals, I had the most unproductive day ever and spent the last of my savings on something I already owned. But through the madness I realized a few things. 1.) The people in your life are the most important thing you have, no matter what happens, as cliche as it sounds, if you have people who care about you, you will survive the seemingly impossibly negative setbacks life will inevitably throw at you. 2.) I am not immune to the emergencies and contingencies that I hear about but expect will never happen to me by means of probability or simply by the fact that they never have before. If it can happen to someone else, it can happen to me. Proceed accordingly. 3.) Hysteria never gets me anywhere yet it is my first reaction in a crisis. Certain events warrant hysteria, but that still doesn't make it productive or useful. 4.) Decisions made in the heat of a panic are the worst decisions you can make. Breathing isn't just for yoga, it's for life. 5.) Things can always get worse. Maybe not the best lesson to learn but expecting that they can probably makes it a lot easier to handle when they do. 6.) Life is short but it is also long. Enjoying the moment is crucial but know that the hard times are woven into a long tapestry of experiences that make the later joy even more special. 7.) Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT allow open containers of liquid on the same surface as your laptop, EVER. But especially not before your first semester of law school finals. Clearly, the experiences of the last week have given me perspective. But perspective is nothing without a life to apply it to. So now I will go forth, and study, and live, and love, and know that life will only throw me more challenges but that how I handle them is half the battle.