Mad about the Early Sixties

Now don't get me wrong, the late sixties own my heart for their political ideals, music, openness and bohemian creativity. Not to mention some seriously amazing examples of breaking down fashion boundaries that had never been seen before. But since I started watching, no make that inhaling, episodes of Mad Men I have made some realizations about my own personal fashion ethic. The women during this time period took certain things very seriously, and rightfully so. Here are my fashion revelations based on some seriously feminine ladies of the era.

1.) Wear clothes that fit YOU. It doesn't matter if you are wearing what's 'in' if it doesn't suit your shape. Emphasize your best attributes and the confidence it builds will do the rest.
2.) Take your measurements. Do you have a high waist? Long torso? Narrow hips? All of these matter when it comes to flattering your figure.
3.) Being ultra skinny is not always the most attractive body type. As my mother has said, "Only a dog wants a bone." Curves are sexy, the hourglass figure was not a passing trend. Accentuate your assets so to speak.
4.) Leave something to the imagination. Plunging necklines and miniskirts get attention, fitted pencil skirts and feminine blouses commit you to memory.
5.) Red. Lipstick. Wear it will a neutral face palate.
6.) Spend some time on your hair. Of course au natural can be very beautiful, but once in a while polish your look. Whether its defined curls, smooth and pulled back, side swept bangs or a demure headband, a finished look is very refined.
7.) Don't over accessorize. In this day and age it seems everyone is wearing bangles up to their elbows, purses the size of a suitcase, layered necklaces...all at once! Rather, once in a while try going the other direction. A ladylike watch, simple clutch and classic pumps can be equally as chic.
8.) Add some flounce to your step. The full skirts with drawn in waists flatter ladies' figures in such a simple way.
9.) Pale is pretty. Yes, I know coming from me this may seem like a stretch, but seriously, pale flawless skin is ethereal when done right. Put the bronzer away, even just for the night!
10.) Structured lingerie. I'm not saying go out and buy yourself a girdle, in fact I am saying please do not! But slips, nighties and other satiny, lacy items should not be saved for special occasions.

Women have come a long way. Thank goodness! But that doesn't mean we have to sparsely adorn ourselves with the lady like items. Women today may have broken the glass ceiling, but maybe that means we don't have to break the glass slipper, too.


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