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As I plan for my next adventure southward, I am torn between two schools of travel fashion thought. This certainly isn't a European jet-setting get away and should thus be treated differently in all regards. Traveling by rail through Europe, my bags were full of dry clean only skirts, my leather bomber, chic scarves, Parisian vintage couture, and teeny tiny dresses. For this next trip I have gone in the complete opposite direction and after assessing my purchases, I decided a few timeless travel classics might aid me in looking a little less adolescent boy and a little more classic journey woman. While I will be bringing classic layering pieces acquired at the GoLite warehouse sale and some Lululemon stretchy items, I also want to incorporate some transitional pieces for when I'm feeling a little less sporty. Packing is truly an art and not one that I have mastered. I am the girl who paid for luggage long before the airlines went budget, mainly due to an inability to pack a suitcase under 50 lbs. as my father can testify to. But with the help of my boyfriend and an awesome Osprey backpack, I am learning the art of packing light. Here are a few items that have made the cut.
Patagonia Women's Borderless Zip-Off Pants
Patagonia convertible pants = pants + capris in one!

Oversized Tank in Heather Grey or Black by Vince
Vince oversized, long grey racer back tank top - this piece is so versatile, wear it hiking and then wear it with a mini skirt style sarong later that night
Gypsy 05 tie-dyed long dress, so comfy for long bus rides
Safari Hat
Classic safari hat, to be honest I'm picturing Nicole Kidman or some other gamine blond, but I think I can rock it

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