"Can't repeat the past...Why of course you can!" - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The holiday season has come and gone, the Christmas tree's needles have lost their scent and even the snow is a tinge more grey. Yet I am quite possibly the jolliest I have been in a while. Perhaps, it is my newly acquired acceptances to law school, or an upcoming journey that will be further disclosed at a later date. But more than likely it is my realization that I refuse to settle in my career, my relationships, my intellectual pursuits and in my own personal philosophy.

I read a book while snuggled up in Chicago over Christmas that led to many, many revelations. The book was called, "The Red Leather Diary", and the revelations were regarding my mind, my aesthetic and my dreams. The 1920s-1940s in Manhattan were depicted magically in a flourish of theatre, opera, literature, gowns, furriers, Adirondack summers, and travel by sea, trunk full of fineries included. I have always known this current day and age is not for me, and it was only after reading this book that I realized it would have been possible to be the pondering, philosophical, dynamic woman I am in the early 1900s. Oh to travel across the Atlantic, having romances with royalty, handmade dresses abound, crinoline bows in my hair and a literary salon in my living room, oh how lovely it would all have been.

Louis Vuitton travel trunk

The S.S. Queen Mary

Cote d'Azure 1920s Poster

The one and only

Roxy Theatre, 1930

Crinoline gowns avec sashes

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