Parsva Bakasana

I woke up groggily this morning and headed over to the yoga studio in hopes of starting my week off a little more actively than the last one. Sometimes I just know it's going to be tough day at yoga, whether it's because my hips are closed or my mind is. Today was definitely not one of those days. I successfully extended through with both legs and held side crow on both sides today and I am feeling very accomplished! There is something so rewarding about working toward a posture each day, and finally the moment when you look down at your fingertips and realize you are successfully IN the pose. My yoga instructors have often said, "It's a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect." This sentiment guides my practice. Rather than expecting everything in yoga, and in life, to look or feel exactly as you desire or expect it to, it is often equally or more beneficial to simply feel what is taking place without judgment and expectation. And eventually, if you are dedicated and try hard enough, you can, in my case, extend your legs onto the back of your forearms, and fly.

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