The Duchess

Few movies inspire me to words in such a welling up of emotion, but this was truly a tale of the tragedy women faced for centuries before me. I have never cried more during a movie purely for the injustice placed upon a women's shoulders as her destiny in this life. I suppose I am having a bout of Anglophilia recently between Georgiana Cavendish and Constance Chatterly. I can't imagine a life in which one was bound to a man she resented when love burned in her heart for another. To be so limited from choosing one's own fate, to be forced to hide true feelings and put on airs for the aristocratic pettiness and desires of selfish men. I am so grateful for the ability to choose what I want to do with my career as a woman, that I have forgotten or maybe never truly understood, the limits to being a woman in the past. Georgiana was a woman full of intelligence, creativity, passion and dreams; yet she married an insolent, selfish Duke who cared for his mistresses more than his wife from the beginning. When she birthed daughters, she was made to feel ashamed, when she fell in love she was forced to choose between her children and her true soul mate, and she was forced to live with her husband and his lover for all of her days starting at a very young age. I cannot imagine this reality, this stark, bitter life she was forced to endure. I vow to never stray from where my heart leads, for we are unaware of how far women have come to be able to freely love whom we please.

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