je ne sais quoi

The literal translation of je ne said quoi is "I know not what". What I have in mind is the certain something French women possess that enables them to look impossibly together and chic at all times. Today, I took Bella to the park for a romp wearing a casual outfit suited for running with the pup while she chased geese and dangling my legs over the bridge in cool water. I looked a mess. Hair piled on top of the head, cut-off shorts and bug bites from the Cape abound. While I was in Paris and for about a month after I cultivated my look, my bangs were mysterious and fringed over my eyelashes, petite sun dresses and perfectly manicured hands in the palest of pink. But now I am back in the "real world" where errands are messy, outings are sweaty and the heavy, humid air makes my hair think erratic waviness is necessary. How can I maintain this dazzling Parisian allure in the sticky air of a New Jersey summer? A new chic must be created, I deem it 'errand chic'!

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